Technical information

M.S. theses 2011-2012:

  • Telecommunication, A. Hay, pdf and addendum (in french).
  • On-board computer, A. Dick, pdf (in french).
  • Vibrations, G. Bodson, pdf (in french).

M.S. theses 2010-2011:

  • On-Board Software, S. De Dijcker, pdf.
  • On-Board Software, T. Langohr, pdf.
  • Mechanisms, structure, and configuration; P. Martinelli, pdf.
  • Thermal Control System, L. Dell'Elce, pdf.
  • Dynamic Analysis, M. Bertha, pdf.

M.S. theses 2009-2010:

  • Attitude control, V. François, pdf.
  • Configuration and structural analysis, N. François, pdf.
  • Thermal anaysis - design of a battery support, JP. Noël, pdf.
  • Telecommunications, N. Marchal, pdf (in french).
  • Telecommunication - RF part, L. Questiaux, pdf (in french).
  • D-STAR repeater onboard OUFTI-1, N. Crosset, pdf (in french).
  • Ground station software, NA. Nguyen, pdf.

M.S. theses 2008-2009:

  • Antennas deployment, J. Wertz, pdf (in French).
  • Electrical power system, P. Thirion, pdf.
  • Mission analysis and space flight simulation, V. Beukelaers, pdf.
  • On-board computer, D. Teney, pdf.
  • On-board measurements, N. Evrard, pdf (in French).
  • Passive attitude control, S. Hannay, pdf.
  • Structural analysis and configuration, G. Pierlot, pdf.
  • Telecommunications, F. Mahy, pdf; R. Henrard, pdf (in French).
  • AX-25 protocol, J. Hardy, pdf (in French).
  • Thermal analysis, L. Jacques, pdf.

M.S. theses 2007-2008:

  • D-STAR protocol, J. Pisane, pdf.
  • Mission analysis, S. Galli.

Report of the feasilibity design phase (Phase A): pdf.