Funding & Partners

The OUFTI-1 team gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors for their financial support:

OUFTI-1 benefits from the strong expertise and the support of several laboratories of the University, namely :

OUFTI-1 benefits from the strong support of the amateur-radio community. Moreover, OUFTI-1 will benefit from amateur-radio frequency bands. The team wants to acknowledge the hams involved in our project, and the major ham-radio organizations:

We are also pleased to collaborate with several industrial partners:

and with other engineering schools:

The OUFTI-1 team also gratefully acknowledges the software providers:

We also want to thank:

  • Francisco Lara, Haute Ecole Charlemagne, and Antonio Martinez, ULg (Mock-up, see here).
  • Artur Scholz, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan (Test-Pod)
  • EuroSpace Center (technical reviews, backup ground station,...)
  • Fabricom GTI (Racks for the D-STAR repeater)
  • Technifutur (Manufacturing)
  • Alice Salmon (OUFTI-1 logo)