D-STAR repeater


D-STAR 2 m & 70 cm Repeater (+Gateway) located in JO20SO

2 m : 145,625 MHz with 600 kHz shift

70 cm : 439,525 MHz with 7,6 MHz shift

September 2012: After repair of the old UHF module, we got a brand new UHF module. Indeed, the repair did not allow to fix the sensitivity issues. The repeater is thus working perfectly, and is now on the air.

6th January 2012: Our UHF-module is back from repair. Unfortunately it is not working better than before! A loss of sensitivity is noticed in Rx. However you could be able to enter the UHF-module with high power. Contacts are taken with the repair center and we hope to fix things soon.

16th November 2011: Scripts have been installed in order to automatically unlink the repeater after 15 minutes of inactivity. All users are able and allowed to link and unlink ON0ULG (as it was already the case).

9th November 2011: ON0ULG has been working with UHF-module from ON0ESC since this summer. Our own UHF-module went under repair and will be back soon. The mixer was defect. Everything is still working fine for VHF.

25th August 2011: The D-STAR repeater ON0ULG is now fully operational again (UHF, VHF, Gateway). Please report any problem to ON0ULG@ulg.ac.be.


73's QRO de Jonathan ON7JPD

Contact point for the D-STAR repeater: ON0ULG@ulg.ac.be (Email will be sent to ON7JPD and ON4EYA)